Nov 042008

Imagine how much you would get done and what you could achieve if you followed through on your best intentions and saw them out no matter what obstacles got in your way.

Imagine yourself saying “I’m overweight. I will lose 20 pounds.”

Without any discipline this intention will NOT become a reality.

However, with enough self discipline, it is just a matter of time. If you have self discipline to such a high degree that you always stick to your goals then you are really on the path to success.

The key difference between one person who fails and another who succeeds is their ability to commit to their plan, and stick to it in the face of minor setbacks or even major obstacles. The successful person has iron discipline and sticks to their plans once they have been made – s/he understands that if it was easy everyone would be doing it, and if it is difficult then it must be worth it – they are on the right track.

If you make your plans and build your self discipline to such a level it will get to a point where you will be wary about stating a commitment or making plans, as once you make a firm plan you will know that you HAVE TO follow it through to the very end.

Our subliminal self discipline is not a magic cure, but it will give you a boost in discipline to help you stick to your commitments and become successsful

  2 Responses to “Discipline – The Only Difference Between Success And Failure”

  1. I bought the Extreme Self Motivation Subliminal Audio download this past weekend because I have suffered very badly from motivation,procrastination,and self discipline issues most of my life.I admit first off I am using this audio in conjuction with the Intelligent Warrior Videos.I have listened to this audio at last once daily and sometimes twice or more on days I have off from work.I got it because Ijust turned 40 this past summer and I have goals and dreams I have struggled to achieve or stick to when trying to accomplish them.I am using the Intelligent Warrior Videos because I know a couple of people that have had huge success with them but I wanted something that would give me that extra drive,desire,and ambition to go after what is important to me and to help me focus on doing my best on my job.Sometimes I have doubts and anxieties which is why I also bought the Confidence Booster Supplement Subliminal.I admit I did consider getting the Boost Self Esteem Subliminal but I wanted to see how the confidence audio worked for me first.I will stop by here and comment often to keep you folks updated on my progress and any changes I notice.

  2. Thanks for the comment James, please do keep us updated, we do love to hear about people’s experiences, and wish you the best of success. You seem to have a good understanding of subliminals in that you are looking for the extra drive, and using them to focus you, rather than as a magic pill in themselves!
    Best of luck!,

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