Nov 282008

It’s time for another testimonial, this time about our subliminal public speaking skills album. Manon only used the CD for a short time before he had to make a presentation:

Ihave had problems not being able to sleep for days before a meeting. Getting to the meeting was even harder. Everyone was telling me I’m doing okay, but they do not know how much it takes me to do it.

I have tried exercises, new age music, talking to myself in positive ways, reading many books and listening to audio books. It has helped, but not enough. So, I bought this program with a real hope that I would be ready to face “the music: again this year.

I listened to the CD for three days before my first presentation. I slept a little better and to my surprise I was calm the day of the presentation. Even more, I was looking forward to taking the microphone. The presentation went very well, I may have even spoke too much and surprised many who know I don’t like the microphone.

I believe this audio presentation helped me a lot.

Manon Foss, Verdes CA, USA

We love it when our albums work this well, if you have a similar experience please get in touch, hearing your positive changes is the most rewarding part of our business.

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